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Safety Chucks

edr1KAMEX continuing its evolutioning course and according to its endless effort for constant innovation in the field of roll management systems, is in the pleasant position to present a new mechanism of holding pneumatic shafts. This is constructed, based on the proper know-how, on the modern metal proccessing machines and most important, the passion that has established KΑΜΕΧ since 1975 till today, since the 2nd generation is taking over the company's evolution. 



The ΚΑΜΕΧ SAFETY CHUCKS are placed on the rollcutting machine after serious study and design of the corresponding dimensions and the standards needed. With these, the reservation even of the heaviest roll is succeeded.

  • Provide immediate change of the roll.
  • They manage the transmition of the moment to the roll that folds or unfolds
  • The provide the ability of the chuck alignment and the currying shaft.
  • The winding is succeeded smoothly and pretty accurately without any variation.




No loss of the material, smooth winding and rolling of the production procedure, easy handling, time economy.

Construction: The ΚΑΜΕΧ  Safety Chucks meet absolutely with demanding applications handling weight 800kg-1600kg and in moment of 180Nm-350Nm.

The parts may be easily and immediately replaced. Any type and size of embedded material may be placed under order.

Axial displacement +- 25mm (50mm)



Chuck specification

Chromed handheld

Improved position of shaft blocking

Shaft holders reinforced at 62HRC


Pneumatic brakes - Pneumatic shafts in combination with the KAMEX Safety Chucks, compose the ideal solution for the effective roll management (windind, unwinding, cutting).


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