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With the proper and most efficient mechanological equipment together with the experience the scientific training and the right stuff.

These are the key to our successfull course. all these years, targetting to our client, in order to understand and fullfill his needs.

1. The pneumatic shafts we manufacture, have the folowing characteristics:

  • The shaft is made from steel or aluminum, while the blocks alongside, for holding the roll, are either metallic or elastic.
  • The stub axles and the shaft are developed according to the demanding specifications of the relevant production machine.

2. The ΚΑΜΕΧ automatic baling Presses, are designed for processing of various recyclable and non-recyclable materials, of variable volume, with pressing range from 10 to 120 tn at the plunger.

    • They perform from 2 to 5 tn per hour, cause to the pressing speed of the tub and the cutter.
    • The high quality pumps and the electrical motors of high output, succeed to function in minimum power consumption and with the lower noise level.
    • The dimensions are the most suitable for transportation using any means, weighing from 0.15 till 2 tn.

The above manufacturing characteristics, have been a result of the long experience and scientific training thjrough the years, in Greece and abroad.

3. Important part of our business is the continuous support and presence, after the sale and the installation, in the production area of our Client.

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