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Kamex is a traditional family business at the 2nd generation that commenced its course in 1979, as Pneumatic Systems manufacturer.

  •  Epameinondas Yiannopoulos transferred his valuable experience to the members of his family and the Greek ingenious together with the scientific know-how of the younger generation, fit harmonically  and established the enterprize as one of the most successfull in its area.
  • KAMEX, use since 1999, CNC mechanological equipment, such as milling and shaping machines and the high quality that indicates the productive outcome, is succeeded by specialized technicians, who beyond the experience and the proper know-how are supported by these most evolving steel and aluminum processing machinery.
  • The management was taken over in 2004, by Epameinondas' son, Konstantinos (second generation).
  • In 2007, the new production installations of the company were conlcluded. They included the new offices as well as the extension of the manufacturing area, at Helion, in Attica.
  • At the begining, while the constructions were exclusively referred to the pneumatic shafts, along with the gained by the years specialized knowledge and experience, we added in our range of products the Presses for recyclable products.
  • We added a serious number of new products, with the production of a whole line of parts for pneumatic shafts, sush as, among others, pneumatic chokes, safety chucks, brakes, elevating hooks and printing slitters, aiming to the continuous support and development of our products.
  • The great experience and know-how aiming to the construction of "special missions" products in custom made applications, together with our international cooperations with manufacturers of relevant products, fullfill our product range of the company, which steps forward with optimism to the challenge of the new competitive era.
  • The ΚΑΜΕΧ – C. Yiannopoulos & Co, today, is a pioneer in its business area, remaining basically productive and Greek, aiming to get ahead of the Greek borders.

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