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What We Do

whatWe manufacture 1. Pneumatic Systems & 2. Presses for recyclable materials.

1. The ΚΑΜΕΧ Pneumatic Systems, such as the pneumatic, mechanical, mechanical-pneumatic and hydraulic shafts, target to roll windin-unwinding applications.

  • For completed solutions, we provide extra parts, such as mechanic-pneumatic chokes, slitters and roll elevating hooks.
  • We address to Paper & Plastics, roll films, foil, aluminum sheets and foil insdustries, production & printing of bags of any type, flexible packaging industry, labelling factories, etc.

2. The KAMEX Automatic Baling Presses are designed for processing of various recyclable and non recyclable materials, of varying volume.

  • The dimensions are the most suitable for transportation with any transportation means, weighing 0.15 to 2 tn and are used for compression of recyclable materials such as flexible and heavy plastic, aluminum, paper products etc.
  • They can compress, according to the use of a horizontal or avertical  press of ours, anytype of paper, palstic, packaging, metallic containers, metallic drums, aluminum packaging materials  and a lot of various materials for recycling.
  • We addrees this products to the Productive Industries, Municipalities and Communities, packaging collecting and recycling centers.


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Download our new leaflets on the pneumatic shafts and the recycling presses.

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KAMEX designed and moved forward to the construction of a new product. Click here for more


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